Jes Extender Review With Before & After Photos

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say the Jes Penis Extender changed my life. I went from being shy, self-conscious and feeling totally inadequate to be happier than ever before and totally at ease with what I pack.

Jes Extender

Jes Extender

Welcome to my  Jes Extender website, where hopefully we can clear up some of the facts about this amazing piece of medical kit. Excuse me for using the term “amazing” but that’s really the best way for me to describe the Jes Extender and the changes using it have made to my self-esteem, confidence and quality of life.

In most aspects of my life I was considered a success. Good at my job, good at sports, good company. A real guy’s guy. Thing is, all of that never really figured as I was totally and completely miserable and felt like a total loser. Just because my dick didn’t measure up. That all changed though when I took the plunge and gave the Jes Extender the chance it deserves.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Jes Extender has drastically changed my life. From being self-conscious of my “shortcomings” to be proud of what I pack is no small thing and I owe it all to the Jes Extender.

Jes Extender Clinical Studies

Various clinical studies into the results from using the Jes Extender have been undertaken. Results from a recent study were presented at the International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery. That’s a pretty big mouthful, so I won’t be repeating it anytime soon. Let’s just say these guys know what they’re on about and leave it at that.

A test group of eighteen healthy males were the core group. These guys ranged in age from 23 to 47 years old. All had normal erection capacity (they could get it up without any outside aids) and none of them had undergone any prior kind of penile surgery (enlargement or correction).

Number of Patients 18, ranging in age from 23-47 years old
Inclusions Healthy males, no penile surgery, normal erections
Exclusions Anybody with long term illness
Traction Force 2 weeks @ 900-1,000g 22 weeks @ 1,000-1,200g
Treatment Period 12 hours daily, 7 days a week, 8 to 24 weeks

The results of this study were pretty impressive. Using the Jes Extender for a full 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, average gains were 28%, with many of the participants achieving gains of 40%.

To put that in perspective, I’ve put my own starting and current penis size in the diagram to the right. Image 1 is where I started out. An erect length of 4.7 Inches (12 Centimeters).

I used the Jes Extender between 6-8 hours a day for a full year to get to where I am. At week 36 though, my erect penis measured a touch over 6 Inches (15.24 Centimeters).

Compare that to Image 2 in the diagram and that would be the average 28% gain the guys in the study managed. Apologies for the size of the diagram, but I wanted to show actual results, not some complicated diagrams with percentages and scales. Real inches – which is what I was interested in from the get-go.

Image 3 in the diagram is where I am today. 6.7 Inches (17 Centimeters). For me that represents a total gain of 2 Inches (5 Centimeters) and, if my maths is right, a gain of 42% in erect penis length.

That’s not the end of the story though. Apart from the size increase, the quality of my erections has improved and I am able to sustain an erection for longer the I was ever able to before. A lot of that is Psychological. In the past, knowing my penis was on the small side, I would get very, very anxious during sex and that would inevitably lead to premature ejaculation.

Knowing my penis measures up now though, I don’t panic about things and I just lie back and enjoy the ride so to speak. I have a longer, thicker penis, my erections are better and I don’t have any problems with leaving early.

I haven’t changed my diet in any way, I don’t do more exercise now than I used to. The only thing I’ve done is used the Jes Extender as directed.

Granted, the results from the clinical study are more scientific. The results of my own “clinical study” though I can feel in my hand and that’s as much proof as I’ll ever need of anything.

Jes Extender Original

The Jes Extender Original comes in a lovely Mahogany box with inlays for all the bits and pieces. The box makes sure all the components are safe and secure and really protects your investment from any accidental knocks or bangs.

The Original comes with 3 sets of elongation bars allowing enlargement upto 9 inches (23 centimeters). This makes for a much broader range of enlargement possibilities.

I currently measure in at 6.7 inches (17 centimeters) and that would have been on the limit for the Jes Extender Light. With the Jes Extender Original I know I have the extra margin with the additional elongation bars so I can keep to my daily routine without worrying about outgrowing the device (mind you, that’s not exactly a “bad” worry to have is it?).

As with all the editions, the Jes Extender Original comes as standard with the Comfort Strap. This really sets the Jes Extender apart from other inferior traction devices which still use the old fashioned silicon tubes.

The Comfort Strap is what allowed me to wear the Jes Extender Original for the amount of time I did, without EVER experiencing and pain or discomfort. The Jes Extender Original also includes a set of adjustment keys. This makes it a self-contained system.

Everything you need to adjust the device is right there in the box. The Jes Extender has been the World’s Number One selling traction device for over 15 years now and for very good reason.

Excellent quality materials, tried and proven penis enlargement action, Doctor Approval and the best customer support in the industry. Other inferior devices have tried to latch onto the Jes Extender coat-tails. I’ve even seen cheap, plastic copies for sale online for a few dollars. Good luck with those. Cheap – Yes, Effective – NO.

As with anything in life you get what you pay for. The Jes Extender Original may be a bit more expensive than the Light edition, but the difference in price is reflected in what you get for the extra clams.

The extra elongation bars and adjustment keys would set you back the thick end of $120 to buy as extras and that wouldn’t include the Mahogany case. The difference in price between the Light and the Original is only $50, so the Jes Extender Original represents the best value in my opinion.

Performance wise the Jes Extender Original has the same effectiveness as the other editions in the range. For my dollar, though this is the one to opt for. If you outgrow the Jes Extender Original then extra elongation bars are available but with standard elongation bars of up to 9 inches (23 centimeters) good luck outgrowing this one !!!

Jes Extender Light Review

The entry level edition of the World’s best-selling penis enlargement device, the Jes Extender Light offers the same excellent quality as the other models in the range in a package priced to meet the tightest budgets. Entry level edition, but nothing entry level about the effectiveness of the Jes Extender Light.

The Light comes with 2 sets of Elongation Bars as standard. These allow for enlargement upto 6.7 inches (17 centimeters). The Light shares the same high quality with all the other editions in the range and comes standard with the Comfort Strap.

This is an excellent addition and makes for much more effective gains. Check my Comfort Strap information for more details. Other inferior devices charge extra for their versions of the Comfort Strap. With the Jes Extender it’s a standard component and makes excellent sense.

As with all the editions, the Jes Extender Light works on the principle of traction enlargement. This is a tried and proven method, doesn’t involve any risky surgery and has helped thousands of men around the world enlarge their penis size, improve the quality of their erections and staying power and vastly improve their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Like I mentioned earlier, the Light allows for penis enlargement upto 6.7 inches (17 centimeters). This is done with the 2 sets of elongation bars that come as standard with the device. Extra elongation bars are available as accessories. You can compare all the editions of the Jes Extender on my Jes Extender Comparison page on this website.

As with all the other editions, the Light is Doctor Approved and extremely effective. Minor draw-backs are the limited elongation bars and the exclusion of the adjustment keys which come as standard on the other editions. These are available as upgrades however.

Performance wise the Jes Extender Light is as good as all the other editions in the range. The only minor draw-back in my opinion is the elongation bars which are limited to 2 sets only and the exclusion of the adjustment keys. Extra elongation bars and the keys can be purchased as accessories, but by that time you are better off getting the Jes Extender Original, which for my money, makes the best sense.

Jes Extender Silver Edition

With the Jes Extender Silver the range starts to move into the “for the man who has everything… except a big penis” bracket.

The Jes Extender Silver comes in the same lovely Mahogany storage case as the Original, but is finished in a very sharp looking Sterling Silver plating.

The Jes Extender Silver comes with 4 sets of elongation bars, allowing enlargement of upto 11 inches (28 centimeters). That might seem like overkill. 11 inches is a pretty respectable penis. From my own experience with the Jes Extender though, I see no reason to doubt the efficiency, even at these mega-dong sizes.

For somebody starting out at a better penis size than I did, the Jes Extender Silver might make excellent sense. For my “needs” though, the Jes Extender Original was more than adequate.

The Jes Extender Silver comes with the Soft Attach and Cohesive Gauze as standard. The Cohesive Gauze, well that’s pretty much what the name says. Surgical gauze that you can wrap around the end of your penis and then fit the device onto. Nothing particularly earth-shattering about gauze.

The Soft Attach is a different story. Keep in mind the Jes Extender Silver is aimed at increased enlargement and eventually, larger penis sizes. For penis traction enlargement to be effective, the traction device needs to be worn for long periods of time. The standard Comfort Strap does an excellent job, but for the larger penis size the Soft Attach would probably be a welcome extra.

Do these extras justify the cost of the Jes Extender Silver? Well the extra elongation bars will be essential to anybody looking to get into the “mega-dong” category. The Gauze and Soft Attach will probably make the whole process a bit more comfortable. You can see the differences in the various models in my Jes Extender Comparisons chart.

Thing is though, all these can be added to the Jes Extender Original as accessories, for less than the difference in price with the Jes Extender Silver. Ok, you won’t get the silver plating. If your penis is allergic to Nickel – go for the Silver edition.

One thing the Jes Extender Silver does come with, and which justifies the price in my opinion, is the extended warranty period. A full 60 months. Traction penis enlargement takes time. My own results came from using the Jes Extender for a full year, although my month I was packing a much bigger penis.

Does the longer warranty on the Jes Extender Silver justify the extra cost? Combined with the other functional extras it probably does. I say functional since the Silver Plate is purely cosmetic for 99.99% of men. If you have any allergies to Nickel, then it becomes more than purely cosmetic.

In a nutshell then, the Jes Extender Silver will give you the same effective device and the same proven results as the other editions with some welcome extras – functional and cosmetic.

Jes Extender Gold Review

The Jes Extender Gold has all the features that make the Jes Extender the world’s Number 1 selling penis enlargement device with a pretty hefty dose of Bling thrown in. Gold Plating.

Using the same method as the other models in the range and with the Doctor Approval the Jes Extender range has become famous for, the Jes Extender Gold comes with some extra goodies, all aimed to make your penis enlargement program as successful (and painless) as possible.

The Jes Extender Gold comes with 4 sets of elongation bars as standard. These make for enlargement upto 11 inches (28 centimeters) so this isn’t one you’ll outgrow any time soon (kudos if you do though…)

As with the Original and Silver editions, The Jes Extender Gold comes in a lovely Mahogany inlay and all the parts fit into specially designed inlays that really keep your device safe from any bumps or knocks. That last thing you want on a penis enlargement device is a scratch…

As with all the other models in the range, the Jes Extender Gold comes with the Comfort Strap as standard. This is a hugely effective addition and really makes the Jes Extender ranges stand out from other inferior devices.

The Jes Extender Gold goes a little bit further and also comes with an extra Custom Strap. This makes good sense for a number of reasons. The Jes Extender Gold is aimed at extreme enlargement, so at these sizes, comfort becomes a key part of the process.

Traction penis enlargement is a cumulative process. The more you wear your device, the better results you will get I wore my Jes Extender Original between 6 and 8 hours a day and believe me, the Comfort Strap made the whole process totally pain-free. At the extra enlargement the Jes Extender Gold is aimed at, the addition of the extra comfort features makes very good sense.

The Jes Extender Gold also includes the Cohesive Gauze and the Soft Attach, both of which are aimed at really providing the ultimate in comfort for these mega-dong enlargements. You can see a side-by-side comparison of all the features on my Jes Extender Comparisons page.

As with the Silver edition, the Gold plate on the Jes Extender Gold will mainly be a cosmetic addition for most men. It does make the device look cool though, albeit a Bling kind of cool. If you like that kind of thing and don’t mind spending some extra cash, then go for it. The Jes Extender Gold will give you the same proven results as the other editions in a penis traction device fit for royalty.

All the extra bits on the Jes Extender Gold are available as extras, so if you want the additional elongation bars and comfort features, but aren’t too bothered with the Bling, these can be added to my top-rated device, the Jes Extender Original for less than the price difference between the two models.

What you won’t get is the extended Warranty or the Gold Plate. The lifetime Warranty on the Jes Extender Gold is a real functional addition. The Gold Plate? Well, if you don’t do Bling, it’s purely cosmetic.

My Jes Extender Story

When it comes to being self-conscious of my penis I was the original 90lb weakling. I can remember at school during recess, I used to walk all the way out to the sports field to use the bathrooms there rather then the ones in the main building, just in case there was anybody else there at the time.

If I was ever in a bathroom and there were other people there I would lock myself in a cubicle, even though I only had to pee. Back in those days though things like the Jes Extender didn’t exist, so I pretty much had to grin and bear it so to speak.

I kept telling myself it would get better, my penis would grow. Well, it did, but not by much. It kind of just stopped at under 5 inches. By that time, women figured pretty highly on my list of priorities and I more or less resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to go through life as a “considerate lover” rather than a “stud”. I had started to see some references online to the Jes Extender but, like many of you probably, hadn’t decided to pull the trigger.

The Day I Decided on the Jes Extender

My decision to try the Jes Extender came about a year ago. I’d been used to getting little smirks and smiles when I dropped my pants, but my already fragile self-esteem was shattered when one prospective partner actually came out and said it: “you’re not very big…” I knew it was time to do something about it so I started to look into the available penis enlargement methods, including references to the Jes Extender

I had originally decided on surgery, but that went out of the window when I did some more research. Apparently, the only difference it makes is to your flaccid size. When erection time rolls round, it’s back to the mini-me. Plus it’s surgery so there are always some inherent risks involved. I was really looking for a non-surgical method that wouldn’t cost and arm and a leg, which the Jes Extender definately didn’t.

Penis traction devices seemed like the best bet for me, so I started to look into these in detail. I eventually came across the Jes Extender, liked what I read and saw and the rest is pretty much history. I ordered the Jes Extender Original, followed the instructions to a tee and now, 12 months later, pack a much more powerful punch.

I’m never going to be in the porn-star leagues, but going from 4.7 inches (12 cm) erect to 6.7 inches (17 cm) has made a HUGE difference to me. My girth has gone from 3 inches (7.6 cm) to 4.5 inches (11.4 cm). On average I used the Jes Extender between 6 and 8 hours a day. The Jes Extender uses a “comfort strap” so unlike some of the cheaper imitations out there, it’s perfectly safe and comfortable to use for long periods of time, which you need to do to see the best results.

Jes Extender Changed My Life

The difference the Jes Extender has made to the quality of my life is simply amazing. No more worrying about smirks and smiles and definitely no more worrying about being a “considerate lover”. I can go the distance now and pack the right tool for the job. Not only that, my erections are harder and last longer. The Full Monty aka Jes Extender man.

If anything from my personal story strikes a cord, do yourself a favor and take a closer look at the Jes Extender. Yes, there are probably more important things in life than a big penis. The simple fact of the matter though is that a small penis size can be the source of considerable embarrassment and discomfort for thousands of men out there. Even simpler is the fact that penis enlargement is possible and the Jes Extender does an incredibly good job.

Bottom line: Use the Jes Extender as directed and you can put all the embarrassment behind you. A long way behind you.


How the Jes Extender Works

The Jes Extender, as with all “Traction Devices” uses repetitive traction to help in the body’s natural ability of division and multiplication of cells in the penis chambers (Corpora Cavernosa). This leads to an increase in the mass of these chambers, and eventually, to a bigger, thicker penis. That’s the principle the Jes Extender takes to new levels.

The principle of applying traction to treat defects or increase the size of body parts has been around for decades. Take body builders for example. All the weight lifting applies traction force to their muscles, which causes the tissues in these muscles to break down and regenerate. This is the same principle traction devices like the Jes Extender rely on. Tissue breaks down and regenerates and each cycle make the tissue mass bigger and thicker.

This breakdown and regeneration leads to bigger muscles. Traction methods have even been used in Orthopedic Surgery for many years, using force to lengthen and straighten out curved limbs. In much the same way, applying traction to the penis, causes tissue mass to increase. Result? Your penis grows bigger. It’s this prolonged application of gentle traction that makes the Jes Extender so effective.

Jes Extender Traction

Traction devices like the Jes Extender require long periods of use. The end results are cumulative, so the more you wear the Jes Extender, the more traction is applied to your penis, the more gains you see. It takes time but as with most things in life, good things happen when you have the patience and application to see something through to the end. I’ve never been a quitter and can be pretty single minded so I had made my mind up to do the best I possibly could.

I used the Jes Extender for anything between 6 to 8 hours a day for a period of almost 12 months. I’m still using it although not for the same periods of time. I went from under 5 to almost 7 inches in length in that time. I probably still have some room left for more gains, but to be honest, I have want I always wanted. A penis I’m not ashamed of.

Important to add here that gains from using the Jes Extender are permanent. Once you reach you goal, there is no need to keep using the device. The extra inches you’ll get in both length and girth are there for good. Yours to keep and use so to speak. Believe me when I say this though. The end results really are worth the effort.

Jes Extender Comfort Strap

Jes Extender

Jes Extender Comfort Strap

Wearing a traction device for extended periods of time means for a start, the device should be comfortable. The unique Jes Extender Comfort Strap is used in place of the uncomfortable silicon bands other inferior traction devices use. This comfort device is what allowed me to wear my Jes Extender for the amount of time I did, without any discomfort or pain.

The Jes Extender is also a great way to treat any penis curvature or incidents of Peyronies Disease. Any penis curvature makes the penis look even smaller. The penis is made up of two chambers known as the “Corpora Cavernosa”. These chambers fill with blood, which leads to an erection. If one of these chambers develops at a different rate, then your penis curves towards the “slower” chamber. The traction applied by the Jes Extender can help to straighten out any kinks.

Personally, I’ve always been a “right to lefter”, meaning my penis always liked to point to the left. Not really something I really worried about and certainly not why I bought the Jes Extender in the first place, but one pleasant side effect was my penis now points straight down (or up) depending on circumstances. One thing to keep in mind here. The less your penis bends, the bigger it looks. Pretty good deal overall and just one of the extras from using the Jes Extender.

Jes Extender Benefits

One other side effect from using the Jes Extender has been a noticeable improvement in the quality of my erections. Not only is my penis now longer and thicker, but my erections are much harder and “reliable”. I don’t know if this is a direct result from using the Jes Extender or a psychological by-product. What I do know though is that my erections last a lot longer now and are of a consistently better quality. “Straining at the leash” is probably the best way to describe the feeling I get and all thanks to the Jes Extender.

Before using the Jes Extender I used to be a bit quick on the draw. I think that was mainly down to a certain degree of embarrassment. Being conscious of the size of your penis probably isn’t the best frame of mind to be in when you’re trying to close the deal out.

Not any more though. Pure and simple I don’t have penis size worries any more. I can just concentrate on what I’m doing. Jes Extender really has made a difference to my life.

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying the Jes Extender is a cure for premature ejaculation. What I am saying though is that using the device and getting the results I did made me much more confident in bed. With that confidence can better erections and more stamina ands staying power than ever before.

The Jes Extender gave me a bigger penis and heaps more confidence and self esteem. Not a bad deal in any book.


Jes Extender FAQ

These are my Frequently Asked Questions about the Jes Extender System (unimaginative I know, but what else could you call an FAQ Page?)

Feel free to browse the various FAQs. In the entirely likely event that you don’t find the answer to your question (pretty sure I haven’t thought of everything you might want to know) just use the “Ask Question” form at the bottom and I’ll do my best to get an answer to you ASAP.

Can I wear the Jes Extender at work?

I did and it never really became a problem. I work a desk job though, so there was nothing more physical involved than a trip to the coffee machine. If your job isn’t too physical I would say “go for it”. Worst thing that will happen is you will need to excuse yourself for a minute and remove your Jes Extender.

How about wearing the Jes Extender while sleeping?

Again, I did, but I tend to go out like a light when I sleep so I hardly ever toss and turn. If you are overly active when you sleep, you might roll over and that could lead to discomfort. Give it a try and see.

How long do I need to keep using the Jes Extender?

I used my device for close to 12 months. I didn’t start by saying “12 months”. I wanted to reach a particular size and that took 12 months. Use the Jes Extender till you’re happy with the size of your penis. Believe me, it’s well worth the time and effort.

Do I have to stick to a schedule?

Not really. Results from using the Jes Extender are cumulative. The more you use the device the bigger your penis will get. I’m a pretty proficient couch potato so as soon as my favorite shows came on the TV, so did my Jes Extender. This is one of the best gifts you can give yourself so stick to it.

Will my penis go back to its original size if I stop using the Jes Extender?

No. Gains are permanent and yours to keep and enjoy for ever.

How about the old “banana penis”?

Using the Jes Extender has shown excellent results in treating penile curvature. This is an excellent “side-effect” as a curved penis looks smaller than it actually is.

Is there a minimum and maximum starting point?

No. The Jes Extender was developed to work on any size of penis. Check the various models for the right elongation bars to be sure the model you purchase will cover the target size you have in mind.

How about my erections?

First of all they’ll be bigger, since you penis will be bigger. Secondly the quality of your erections will improve. I experienced harder, longer lasting erections. All I did was use the Jes Extender as directed. In a nut-shell: Your erections are in safe hands with the Jes Extender.

How is my Jes Extender delivered?

Discreet packaging. The last thing anyone wants is a box arriving with “Penis enlargement” stamped all over it. The Jes Extender is delivered in a plain box. No markings of any kind.

Is the Jes Extender guaranteed to work for me?

Use the device for 1,000 hours and if your penis size hasn’t increased, the manufacturers will give you a double money refund. The Jes Extender is the world’s best-selling penis enlargement device for a reason. It works.


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