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robert my jes extender story

Hi and thanks for dropping by. Since you’re on this website I can only assume your story is similar to mine. For years my life was one long cycle of humiliating incidents, one after another.

Starting at about the age of 12, when, like most guys, I started to notice my penis, right up to college when I’d more or less resigned myself to the fact that I was on the small side, the size of my penis has caused me discomfort.

I was always good at sports but it got to the stage where I basically stopped playing. It wasn’t the game itself that bothered me – it was the showers at the end. I just couldn’t go through it anymore. It really was starting to affect the quality of my life.

Women, well let’s just say women can be cruel and leave it at that.

After more years of frustration than I care to remember, I finally decided enough was enough and went on the hunt for a solution. I finally settled on the Jes Extender and I’m mighty glad I did.

12 months into using the device and I now pack the penis I had always wanted. Not a monster, but a  solid 6.7 inches I can take anywhere. And I mean anywhere.

If the size of your penis is causing embarrassment, I know exactly how you feel, believe me. I know exactly where you’re coming from and, if you follow my advice and try the Jes Extender, I know exactly where you’re going.

Feel free to drop me a line if there is anything I can help with. More than happy to share my experiences with you and answer any questions I can.